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Education was the hallmark of the ancient Druids, and in keeping with that tradition, the modern Druids have been strong proponents of academic research. For example the Ar nDraiocht Fein seminary program, the OBOD flurry of commercially successful books by Phil Carr-Gomm, and of course, the Reformed Druids lengthy publication; "A Reformed Druid Anthology".

The Neo-Pagan movement, which includes Wicca and Druidism, is only about 40 years old, but it is in a state of fervent growth and diverse exploration. Like most religions, after the founders have died, the movements will no doubt become more conservative and build upon the opinions of past elders and solidified group traditions. Now is an excellent time for researchers to begin long-term studies of the general movement and/or some of its more stable organizations. We hope these academic resources will help you, feel free to copy them and amend them (but give us some credit, of course).

The Drynemetum Staff

February, 2000 c.e.

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