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Neo-Pagan Research Links

In addition to published books there are a number of essays and groups that are accessible primarily through the internet. This site is a collection of links that may prove useful.

Note We haven't fully examined these sites yet, and many may soon become URL unknown sites. However, I would recommend that you check the book carefully for poor scholarship before using them and send your opinions to

Networking with Other Scholars

Pagan Academic Network is a great collection of resources for further study at

Pagans Online Community an online Pagan Community offering information, links and publications.

Pagan Student Council Links Extensive Neo-Pagan connections and 6 seperate web-rings.

Academic Paganism

Pagan America Resources

Wiccan and Pagan Resources An amazingly long list of everyone on the web. Check it out by all means!.

The Neopagan Archive is one of the largest and most accessed parts of the Religious Archive at the Lysator site. It is one of the first sites to be listed under Pagan Best of the Web! VERY OUTDATED since 1994

The Pagan Files 3000 stored files on Neo-Paganism

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Neopaganism found at

FAQ general Neopaganism foudn at

FAQ another about Neopaganism also found at

Intro to Neopaganism

Good essay on neopaganism

An ftp file of histories of wicca and neopaganism

Search Engines,

Research engine for studying Neopaganism.

Miscellaneous Resources

Isaac Bonewit's homepage has a wealth of resources and is academically inclined.

An article about founding a Neopagan Seminary

For something about fake groups and charlatans go to

The Advanced Bonewits' Cult Danger Evaluation Frame 2.0.1 Copyright 1979, 1996, 1999 c.e., Isaac Bonewits found at For those considering Neo-Paganism a cult I refer to this page for measuring "cultness", you'd be surprised at some of the results.

Real Magic - Isaac Bonewits: Isaac was the founder of ADF and a prominent member of the RDNA, and in this text he explains his understanding of the basic laws and techniques of Magic, as understood in 1970. A little dated now, but valuable.

Reference Reading about Neopaganism

Religious Studies site is a resource for studying religion in general. A good starting point for browsing.

The World Tree Another location of good general links.

Garden of Life Excellent fraternal and masonic links and pagan links.

A Pagan Glossary of Terms
Isaac Bonewits' Pagan Glossary of Terms found at - 156 K - 15 Nov 99

Pagan Resources top 100
Worth checking out before researching.

Circle Sanctuary
A central clearinghouse for finding pagan groups.

Good place to start in Britain.

Good place to start in Britain.

World Tree
Good place to look for Pagan links.

Internet Magazines

The Witches Voice Reportedly, a good site on the web for those on the pagan path. Wren's nest is a news page focused on stories that may affect or interest pagans.

Wired magazine described it well: "A news and education network for WitchCraft as a pagan religion, this site is rich with compassion, honoring the sacrifices of the past." There is something for everyone on this site, and Fritz and Wren are two of the most generous people in the online community. - Inexpensive domain hosting, and free non-virtual web hosting by a Pagan for Pagans (and Pagan-friendlies), with no ads, no annoying pop-ups. All courtesy of Rhiannon, one Pagan who definitely walks the walk.

Omphalos is a directory of Pagan Sites. It is well designed and easy to navigate.

A Witch's Cauldron - a lovely Canadian site, full of great information for beginners on the Path. Check out the Wicca 101 course.

pagan scholarship
Students applying for The Blessed Bee Pagan Scholarship should be following some type of Pagan/Neo-Pagan spiritual path, such as (but not exclusively), Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidism, Asatruar, Shamanism, Native American Spirituality, Stregheria, Voodoun, Santeria, etc. It is open to students belonging to a group, coven, clan etc., as well as those whose spiritual path is a solitary one. The student should be actively involved in some type of community service and should maintain at least a C average (or its equivalent) in school. Students applying for The Blessed Bee Pagan Scholarship should be able to show financial need for college/trade school.

Ancient Heritage Magazine
Ancient Heritage Magazine is an online publication that aspires to provide the Pagan community with an informative and enlightening resource. Embracing the spirit of Paganism, the e-zine offers various sections such as but not limited to parenting, rituals, poetry, politics, art, and crafts. Ancient Heritage Magazine is dedicated to exploring the many paths and aspects of Paganism including Wicca, Druidism, Strega, Native Spirituality, Celtic Spirituality, Shamanism, and countless others.

Druid's Life Newsletter
A Neo-Pagan news and information site that provides a weekly e-zine to help keep the pagan community informed.

The Pagan Times
A nice site kind of life a newsletter.

The Pagan Times A useful newsletter source of information.

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