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A Druid Missal-Any

An Un-Official Publication of the Reformed Druids

Lughnasadh, Year 42
(August 2nd, 2004)

Volume 20, Number 5


Lughnasadh Essay
News of the Groves
Geasa & Ethics
Pagan Charity
News: Druid Charged for Carrying Sword
New: Bronze Age Knife Found in Wales
Events:Max Dashu Slide Show

fixed graphic 2014 rignally a celebration of the funeral games held by Lugh, Celtic god of light for his father the Sun, Lughnasadh marks the Sun's position half way between Solstice and Equinox. By now, usually August sixth or seventh, the day's length is noticeably shortened. The sun, re-born on December 22, is in decline, and the season of the harvest, Foghamhar, is coming. This High Day marked the beginning of the harvest in pre-industrial times, and in Druidic times was known as the Festival of the First Fruits. Cutting of the new grain could begin, and "hungry July" was over. In the Celtic countries, this middle-of-the-summer festival is still marked by The Races in Ireland, the Revels in Wales, and the highland Games in Scotland. In a livestock-raising culture like that of the Iron Age Celts, this was the most likely time of market faires and regional gatherings. The calves of the spring were old enough to sell or trade. Likewise the sheep would have been sheared and the lambs were old enough to bartered. This was a festival of the Tuatha, the largest class in the Celtic society, comprised of the farmers, craftsmen and merchants. The other two classes were the Warriors and the Clergy, which last included Bards, Ovates, Filidhs and Druids, their students and retainers.

In the Neo-Pagan R.D.N.A. tradition, anyone who has a garden or grows anything, should save the first picked produce of the summer season and bring it, or a portion of it to the Lughnasadh celebration to be offered along with the Grove Sacrifice and hopes and prayers of prosperity to come.

-Emmon Bodfish, reprinted from A Druid Missal-Any, Lughnasadh 1988

News of the Groves
For the Full Grove Directory

Sylvagaia/Elder Grove: News from France

Computer's broken and in repairs for an eternity now. Furthermore we're doing the haying, the wood, stable for the goats..... etc. Too much to do, no time, no internet access (I am writing from a library now).

Greetings and until later,

Digitalis Digitalis Grove: News from D.C.

I've been busy. Went to MN for my annual pilgrimage and to unwind in the forest, streams and lakes with my dog & partner. I also met with Brother Shane here in D.C. and we're thinking about reviving services this fall and introducing him to the many Druids around the mystic district. This Lughnasadh, I brought Sister Colleen Peterson of distant Alaska into the first three orders of the RDNA, my first ordination in 16 months. Any one visiting DC is welcome to write to me about ways to overcome distance problems and ordination at

Brother Stephan in Carleton (MN) graduated and has been working on updating a database of "Druid-related" books at Carleton's library that complement the Druid Archival materials. With the list, I intend to purchase and donate new books that are needed for future scholars. As for ARDA 2, Stacey and I will redouble our efforts, after her relocation is complete, to get out Volume 3: Druidic Newsletters this year.

Yours in the Mother,
Mike the fool

Catnip Grove: News from Maryland

We are located in Baltimore, MD. There are about 15 of us (cats and humans). New members must be personally invited by the Arch Druid (me), and can only be admitted with their cats. Cats are not required to attend rituals. Catnip Grove can be contacted by emailing the publisher of A Druid Missal-Any, see address at end of newsletter.

Eurisko Grove: News from Virginia

Jaquie's herb harvesting is coming along quite nicely. We have also already started to receive the gifts of the first harvest. A neighbor of ours who have an extensive vegetable garden has already shared with us, tomatoes, cucumbers & okra. Gwydion is working in cooperation with his men's group, Exploring the Primordial Male to host an afternoon of men's drumming on July 2. EPM is also working with PagaNet Inc. to conduct a Public ritual entitled "Putting the Lugh back into Lughnasadh". The previous working title was "The Passion of the Lugh, Our God can die horribly too"

Celtic Cross Rowan-Oak Grove: News from Tulsa, OK

Rowan-Oak Grove has gone into a holding pattern until after an issue requiring a tribunal is settled. We will be celebrating lughnassadh but all classes have been suspended until the samhain convocation when among other things we will vote on wether to continue as a grove or at least temporarily disband all together.

the arch-druidess is frankly tired of all the bs associated with this tribunal issue and so are the rest of the remaining members. the three other groves in the rowan-oak family have had troubles of their own recently. so the convocation will concern all these issues and will include a voting from all three other arch-duid(ess)s for their groves on the situations troubling us.

we hope that all is well for the groves around the world and for all single trees as well as we approach lughnassadh

m.s. white raven, arch-druidess
rowan-oak grove tag for mocc

Drink of Socrates Dravidia Grove: News from Indiana

All is well here, had quite a few storms of late and the weather is extremely hot when it isn't raining. Have been studying nature again, have opted to study birds, and rabbits. It is amazing what you can learn just by watching these marvels of nature.. There are so many things to learn and the Mother sheds her secrets so easily... Also have come across some new books and have taken the time to get another 3rd of my editing done on my Magick Text.. Almost there for those of you who are patiently waiting.. Have also begun writing a new book that i will title "The Theories of Mother & Magick" It will contain a variety of thoughts and new theories that i have been working on in the area of magick and different abilities inherent to mankind.. Should make for very good reading when it is finished.. Well all too much thinking tonight..

Yours in the Mother.

Rogue River Rogue River Protogrove: News from Oregon

Several of us just returned from the Oregon Country Fair ( ). A wild, goofy, silly time was had by all. We can arrange carpooling to help save resources so we can, hopefully, attend more events around the area in the future.

Don't forget our Fall Equinox annual camping weekend at a reserved campgrounds in the Rogue River National Forest (Oregon, USA) on September 3, 4, 5. Activities include swimming, fly fishing (beginners welcome and equipment will be provided), workshop by John Michael Greer (topic tba), Ceilidh (music party/bardic circle) and two Druid rituals. It's FREE but donation appreciated.

Don't let the lack of camping equipment keep you from joining us because we've had two tents and lots of other outdoor equipment donated.

For more information, please email

California Oak Central Valley Oak Protogrove: News from California

In our neck of the woods, August is the time for County Fairs and the State Fair. These are places the farmers display their crops and livestock for sale and auction. This is also the time local corn, berries, and melons make their appearances. We at the Central Valley Oak Protogrove are doing a special campout in the mountains to celebrate Lughnassadh and the Blue Moon We are going to spend 3 days relaxing under the stars with a campfire, stories, and, of course, Ritual.

Sean mac Dhomhnuill
Central Valley Oak Protogrove

fixed graphic 2014 Sunset Proto-Grove: News from California

Hello from Sunset Proto-Grove:

So that, big wheel keeps on turnin'; big sun keeps on burnin'!

My first attempt at veggies, are proving fruitful. Giving me gumption enough to plan an entire garden for next springs plantings. (I have counted 40 cherry tomatoes growing on my 3 plants...although only 3 are ripe at this time, I have been pouring over my sunset garden guide.)

Saturdays before heading out to the grove-site, (a very shady grove-site) I have been taking the time, to sit out on our sunny patio absorb some sun, and listen to the wind in our VERY big tree. It's become quite a ritual. A real wonderful way to prepare before heading out to the grove.

I have been feeling very AT PEACE with my world lately. Enjoying my life, my family and my friends, and making a concerted effort to share my appreciation for them with them.

Plans for Lughnasadh are; after a trip to the grove, bake fresh bread (very Zen), teach the kids how to make corn dollies, and to enjoy plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and beer, at dinner.

Interesting, how the summer isn't even over yet, and already I am slipping back into my annual need for home, quiet and introspection....right on cue.

Also, I am planning my yearly SUN ritual! Meaning a vacation where I get to lie in the sun all week. Something I truly treasure. Usually I do this in the spring, in the desert as a way to 'warm my bones' after a long foggy and rainy northern California winter...but due to scheduling this year my sun-soaking will be done on the beach in August. I love how warm

(in that I don't burn easily) and golden a day of basking makes me I have just been blessed by the sun god himself. Quite worth the wait.

Blessings to all,

Poison Oak Grove, News from California
Publisher of "A Druid Missal-Any"

Eris continues to reign at the home of a Druid Missal-Any. In preparation for library shelves to be built, all the boxes of books were moved outside, including the box that has the Chronicles and the Lughnasadh liturgy in it. I emailed the liturgy document to myself at work, but it wouldn't print out on two printers. The printer at home needs the software to be reinstalled after the electrician turned off the power without telling me while the computer was on (this is why the Missal-Any is especially late this issue...), and PC Doctor had to come out to fix it. The printer paper is still in a box somewhere... Thanks to one of our members a last minute call is insuring we will have our Lughnasadh scripts!

Today was the last day in the cabin. I had moved out most of the contents the previous two weekends. All that was left was a low table made of burl wood, a few tools, and an unfinished self-portrait of Emmon. These items proved to be amongst the most challenging. The burl seemed to be almost as heavy as The Dagda's club, and I'm surprised I was able to move it at all, much less able to bring it home. The portrait was almost too big to fit in the car and rode up close to the ceiling of the car. I am still having a hard time grasping losing the cabin and why. It is much too simplistic to say, "it was time to move on." Alexandra Kennedy says you need not end a relationship because a person dies. Perhaps it was time for me to have my own "cabin," one that someone could not take away, as the house is like a bigger version of it, and it is mine and not a rental. Keeping the cabin forever wasn't realistic (the Muir Heritage Land Trust was thinking about tearing it down at one point), having this house isn't quite so.

On the way home from the cabin there was a small stand by the local pear orchard. A sign asked for people to pick pears for the Contra Costa Food Bank and I stopped and did so. I received some pears in return for the work and it reminded me of the concept of reciprocation so prevalent in ancient Celtic society. I will be offering one of the pears as a "first fruit" of the harvest at the Lughnasadh service, as well as some of the wild plums and blackberries that grow along the path up to the house.

Geasa: The Ethics in the
Teaching Way of Nwyfre and
A Clear Path to Rid Unhealthy Energetic Debris

By: Rhiannon Hawk, Nemeton Aweyddion

There has been nothing more profound to me than the responsibilities one takes when they make the self realization of the spirit of Nwyfre. When you work with this spiritual energy it not only awakens us to being more aware of ourselves, our surroundings, the environment, community, our homes, and mostly our commitments we make within our Nemetons--sacred space. From each step we take on our journeys to each word we speak, Nwyfre's essence flows out from within. When we are in a merged state, a scepter of light opens a door for us, a doorway to clearer perceptions and higher senses of Gwynfyd Knowledge. With these gifts and awareness comes an immense responsibility that we must not be ignorant of. To take responsibility of our brains, our hearts, and our feet on the path we walk, and words we speak of this truth, all in alignment with the scepter, a truth we hold deeply within. To keep this alignment true, is to speak the truth that we may also walk our talk, and set boundaries within ourselves not to make commitments to things that we cannot uphold. This includes the contracts we make with other people, very similar to the oath we take into the clan family. With each person we make an oath, consciously or subconsciously, this happens usually by the end of the very first time we meet. Then with friends we've known longer in this life, we continue to create geasa (rules) and make more oaths. They are broken sometimes, there should be forgiveness.

Usually when you first meet a person you will have a natural premonition about them. You will be able to feel if your energy flows harmoniously with theirs or if they clash. Upon the meeting you will be able to tell how close you will be able to be around the person, you will also be able to know how open you can be with them. At clan gatherings there should be no second guessing about this, for if you are all merged, then you can all be open with one another and not set up negative geasa. But, this geasa is usually set up with people who are outside of the clan. This is especially true if the meeting is with another person who is unaware or not merged. It is similar to making a contract, between your energy and their energy and the reactions that occur with one another on an energetic mostly subconscious level.

On an ethical level, the geasa set up is usually contains a negative energetic reaction, and the oath set up is of positive reaction. In an oath, there are still commitments and responsibilities we take to keep the relationship to oath with our alignment of Nwyfre. If we stay true within ourselves then the oaths we take are good and stay where they are, kept healthy. But, if we stray from our commitments or our responsibilities we make in our oaths, then they can turn into geasa easily. In geasa we attract to ourselves lessons that are usually of negative or unhealthy cycles that go around and repeat. Until we can clear the patterns and return back to our original oath to stay in truth and alignment the geasa stays on a course which ends in destruction. When people have habits of going back and forth in a dualistic pattern unable to clear away energetic debt, then it is or becomes a pattern that they will be unable to heal. They will not be able to clear the debris until that energetic debt is dealt with on a much deeper level in the subconscious mind, forgiveness is made, and truth is returned, alignment is made. Even though this whole ethical way seems to be dualistic we must remember that the geasa is really like an illusion that we try to set in stone by creating it in front of ourselves. We make it so the geasa appears in our lives on a regular basis. We do this subconsciously so that we will see it more and hopefully catch onto the pattern. We do this so we will eventually see it. Like a mud puddle in your front yard that you on purposely avoid everyday upon leaving or arriving at your house but you still manage to get a little mud on your feet anyway, and you still see that it's there everyday, controlling some aspect of your life. It does not go away by itself. Imagine a person with a multitude of these patterns going simultaneously, all at the same time.

We not only set up oaths or geasa with other people, but with each thing we interact with in creative, energetic, or spiritual ways. Even with the natural world around us, Nature. But, most of our patterns here begin within ourselves. In how we feel about ourselves, our physical limitations, self esteem, egos, the food we eat. We set up what seems right to us at the given time depending on how we feel within ourselves at that moment. Usually those who are unaware will gladly partake in what feels good to them, what ever it is, when ever they feel the needs of it. This unawareness causes the worst of health problems. Sometimes just a little knowledge can change a persons whole perception of the way they do things, the food they eat, their negative attitudes or unbalanced egos. How a person feels about life and being alive is reflected in their health and responsibility to taking care of themselves. Next, it is reflected in their daily activities, the things they do on a regular basis from the moment they wake up, how they start their day, to the activities they do before bed. Then their dreams reflect these all back to them.

In the oath taking and alignment we are taught and brought to realization that there is sacredness in all of life. All of life around us is a blessing. When we encounter this awareness we are in awe of the cosmos and our innate connection with it. With this awareness comes our oath, our responsibilities to lead our lives in health and harmony. These things go hand in hand, it is hard to have one without the other in order to be in truth within.

It is easy to see how right action and thought or wrong action and thought set up our oaths and geasa So now you know that geasa is an energetic dept. and oaths are a geasa debt release.

paths Geasa is based on untruth and illusions. These come from our patterns of subconscious ways that use subtle manipulations to take energy from other people, nature, or things. When we do this it is because we are then in a state of separateness, separate from our oath and alignment. When we are not in alignment, we have cut ourselves off from the natural energy flow, our body senses a need for more energy then. If we do not go within and merge with our alignment then our subconscious patterns reactivate and we, with little knowing, do things to get energy from other people. What we do with little knowing to get more energy is subtle manipulations such as; bringing up an old blame to our partners or using negative attitudes that make other people have to go out of their way for us.

By their doing this, they then give us energy. All we really need to realize is that we can connect with Nwyfre in any time that we feel we are disconnected. A lot of the time when we feel negative, we need to go within and ask ourselves questions about it. We need to word the questions the right way to get the right answers. If you ask a question and the answer doesn't seem correct or clear then find another way of wording it. Use symbols and visualizations when you are asking the questions to help your inner knowing self to understand where you are coming from and what you are asking.

Above all else, the ethical sense that comes from our experiencing Nwyfre, is respect for life, in all its' forms of beauty and all its' lessons. For it is here in Abred, the Middleworld, that we are to learn to overcome our geasa and heal our patterns to become energy debt free.

Arianrhod In the Cymru lore, geasa could be placed on another person. In the story of Arianrhod, she places geasa on her son Llew, and the geasa was that he would not have a name unless she named him, he would never wear armor unless she put it on him, and he would never have a partner from any of the three worlds. Symbolically, Arianrhod mirrored an energetic dept on Llew because she was tricked into giving birth to him by her own brother Gwyddion. She forced his karma to return upon him by placing geasa. Can this be done? Well yes it can but it's not ethically correct because the dept will always be there till it is dealt with and an oath is made.

I have an interesting story dealing with this energetic dept. I was at a psychic fair one time and a friend of mine bought me a booklet of Karma Tickets. The way you used them was, if you saw someone causing themselves karmic dept then you write them a ticket so that hopefully they will see what they are doing and then make amends. Well, his little Karma Ticket book I found out, also causes debt to the one who doles the tickets out. Strange things started happening every time I handed out a ticket, negative events would begin to occur. I thought I'd test it further and wrote no tickets for two weeks. Nothing bad happened. Then the week after that I wrote a couple of tickets and negative things began happening like pouring rain. I stopped altogether and burned the book and thus the geasa quit happening.

So, back to Nwyfre and living life fully, full of respect for its' lessons. For without the lessons and patterns we could not grow. Even though we may at times toil in the struggle as if caught in mud, we can learn and grow from this experience. But, for those of us who are aware it is much easier than it is for those who don't know what a pattern is or where to find one. This is where we as teachers or leaders of the old ways and old lore can assist those still struggling behind us. But, then again, care needs to be taken when offering this help. That is, those struggling need to be made aware, then they have to ask. It is not for us to decide for them to erase their dept or make their journey easier. No, the kind of support and assistance they need is direction, not answers and not a spell to break them free. For how will they ever grow if they do not learn for themselves. Helping someone to be more aware and find direction is the best help we can really offer. This applies to energy healing as well, the person in need has to agree and accept the sharing of your healing gifts before you can work on them. To try and send someone healing without asking their consent is like the Karma Tickets and will create energetic dept unto you.

If you stay aligned and merged you can live more fully and have more positive experiences and emotionally and spiritually grow at a faster pace beyond energy dept. Look at your life and if you can divide up all the things you do in one a week, how much of your time gets wasted on stuff that takes you no where? Stuff that doesn't contribute to your growth or awareness? How much of what you do do you do while on auto mode, not really thinking much at all but just doing a task for the tasks sake? Like cleaning the house, it can be a pretty consistent thing in your life, especially if you have kids. Do you play music and sing while you polish the mirror, or do you get angry that someone forgot to pick up their shoes or left papers crumpled on the floor? Or do you just go on auto and think nothing but just do it anyway? Cleaning can actually be a good energy raiser that can be used to clear energy dept. Very similar to cleaning a roadside and collecting recyclables to turn in. When we volunteer to clean something outside ourselves this reflects back inward and we are then working on ourselves, on our inner brightness and dept release. So, these chores are not as boring as most think and have much more benefit than just tidying an area. When we can work in this light we are then living fully and experiencing the fullness of the action we take in pursuit of living our dreams awake. When we do these tasks on auto, we are moving slow or fast in our physical bodies but, our energetic body's far behind and keeps lagging. Eventually we become tiresome of getting our tasks done and our energy is drained by not fully participating, we lose energy. When we are awake and fully here, we gain energy and learn quicker when we participate.

To round off this article I will conclude that when we live, fully aware, then we are experiencing much more than someone who is not. Therefore, having much more experience will guide you to grow faster and learn quicker. This is not a selfish act, it is a selfless act because when we participate, everyone around us will experience a lifting also and we will have no geasa with them. Through this awareness we will be assisting those who wish to learn and grow, and we will need nothing in return from them, for Nwyfre will supply the energy we need to get it done.

Gadael hi Bhod!


Pagan Charity

July 13, 2004

Contact: Public Information Officer, Cherry Hill Seminary,, 802-234-6420.

Pagan Group Included in Federal Charity Network

For the first time ever, a pagan group has been included in a US federal charity campaign. The Sacred Well Congregation and the International Institute of Cultural and Religious Studies (SWC/ICRS) have been accepted into the US' federal Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

"It is a good thing for the pagan community because it brings to light that we can (and must) function on a par with mainstream charitable, service and educational non-profits, and that our services, visions and goals are just as worthy as any of theirs," said David Oringderff, an instructor in Pastoral Counseling at Cherry Hill Seminary for professional pagan ministry.

The CFC is the only authorized fund raising organization allowed to solicit charitable donations from Federal employees (civilian and military). The CFC is supervised by the Office of Personnel Management and implemented through 340 regional CFC district offices. (

"The Combined Federal Campaign is the Federal Government's version of the United Way, except the requirements for inclusion are much more stringent, especially for the National Listing. In fact, several United Way agencies are included in the CFC," Oringderff said.

Inclusion in the CFC's national List will means that SWC/ICRS's listing will appear in all 340 regional campaign drives. Money raised from this effort will be used to directly support the congregations' services, goals and visions including many initiatives which have led to greater tolerance, understanding and acceptance of alternative spiritualities in inter-faith communities, the pan-pagan community, and society at-large. SWC/ICRS provides open, public venues for the practice of the Old Religions; promoting community benevolence efforts, spiritual counseling, and religious educational programs. (

Most of the funding that Sacred Well will receive from the CFC and public and private grants will be devoted to the collection and preservation of source material and converting it to digital format and making that material publicly available to scholars and researchers.

"The remainder will be used to fund community service projects such as counseling, mentoring, etc to local communities where we have a presence, institutions, and in support of military groups and initiatives for service members following alternative spiritual paths," Oringderff explained.

The Rev. Dr. Oringderff is also a founding member of Sacred Well and of the SWC International Executive Council of Clerics. He is an elder and a high priest in the Greencraft Tradition of Craft Wicca. He is a consultant to numerous interfaith groups including the DoD Armed Forces Chaplains Board. Dr. Oringderff is a clinical and forensic psychologist and resides near San Antonio in Schertz, Texas.


Druid Charged for Carrying Sword

From correspondents in London
July 14, 2004

A BRITISH druid was in court today charged with carrying a ceremonial sword, used for casting spells, while on a shopping trip to a local hardware store.

Merlin Michael Williams appeared at a magistrates' court in the southern English coastal town of Portsmouth wearing his full druidic regalia of green robe and blue cloak, with talismans around his neck.

The 26-year-old was charged with possessing an offensive weapon after a security guard saw him with the sheathed 90cm blade draped over his shoulder as he browsed through a branch of Wilkinson Hardware.

About a dozen fellow members of the Insular Order of Druids sat in the court's public gallery, while chief druid King Arthur Pendragon, wearing white robes with a red lion emblazoned on the front, acted as Williams's legal adviser.

The sword, named Talisen, has been confiscated by police as evidence.

"It is accepted by the Crown this (sword) was sheathed and there was no offensive action by the defendant. The issue is whether this is an offensive weapon per se," prosecutor Colin Shackel told the court.

The case was later adjourned so the prosecution could examine what Mr Williams said were case histories which set a precedent for druid ceremonial swords not being considered offensive weapons.

According to a spokesman for the Insular Order of Druids, ceremonial swords are used for casting spells and other ritualistic purposes.

Druids were the pagan priest class in early Britain, particularly for the Celtic tribes from around 600 BC, and are associated with sacred stone circles such as the famous site at Stonehenge, southwest England.

However, little is known about their activities and modern druids are sometimes dismissed as fantasists with a fondness for dressing up and no genuine link with the activities of the past.

Agence France-Presse
This report appears on

Bronze Age Knife Found in Wales

Daily Post, icNorthWales (24 July 2004)

A North Wales housewife found a bronze age knife crafted 4,500 years ago while digging in her vegetable patch. Marylyn Sheldon knew she had discovered something special after unearthing the flint blade at her Llanarmon-yn-Ial home, in Denbighshire. Experts at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, confirmed it was a bronze aged blade forged around 2,500 BCE.

"I was digging in my vegetable patch to put broad beans in," she said. "I knew it was a worked flint blade as soon as I saw it." Mrs Sheldon contacted Denbighshire council and the authority's countryside service archeologist Fiona Gail was called in. "She took photos. Later on I also found some flint chippings while digging in the garden. Eventually they identified it as a flint knife dating from the bronze age which could have been used as a scraper," Mrs Sheldon said.

Mrs Sheldon says she may donate the knife to a local museum. The small village of Llanarmon-yn-Ial is surrounded by ancient barrows and mounds. Mrs Gale said: "It is an interesting find and provides more information about the area. I think there were some other finds from a nearby cave in the village in the early years of the 20th century." 6method=full%26siteid=50142%26headline=bronze%2dage%2dknife%2dfound%2din%2dv eg%2dplot-name_page.html

Editor's note: Grow your own vegetables? See what you might find! You could contribute to history as well as to your health!


Max Dashu Slide Show!

A Must See for anyone interested in Godesses, Women's Herstory, and neolithic cultures that promoted peace and egalitarian relations between men & women.

Independent scholar Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives in 1970, back in the days when Women's Studies departments had not yet come into being. Since then, she has photographed over 10,000 slides and created 80 slideshows on international women's history, including Women in Power, Witch Hunts and Racism: History and Lies. Max Dashu has done extensive interdisciplinary research on the European witch hunts and folk traditions about witches. She is also an artist who publishes prints and notecards highlighting powerful women. Visit her website for more information

"The lineal descent of the People of the Five Nations shall run in the female line. Women shall be considered Progenitors of the Nation. They shall own the land and the soil. Men and women shall follow the status of their mothers.from the Law of the Iroquois Confederation

Date: Sat, Aug 7, 2004
Title: Icons & Matrix Slideshow
Time: 7:30pm
Leader: Max Dashu
Cost: $10-15

A Druid Missal-Any

Lughnasadh, when the Sun is half-way between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox, will occur this year astronomically on Friday, August 6 as 15 degrees of Leo at 9:20 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time, or alternatively as 16 degrees 18 minutes decl on Saturday, August 7 at 12:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Make an offering of the first fruits and vegetables from your garden or from the first apple crop in your local supermarket. If you can't cut down your own grain, celebrate by eating pasta.

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