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Monument Grove

Washington D.C.
Reformed Druids of North America

Welcome to the Monument Grove. Washington is one of the premier pilgrimage spots and houses most of the deified spirits of our tribal king/priests; the presidents. There are many temples dedicated to our patron gods, and not to denigrate the work of the U.S. National Park Service, but federal employees are not trained in the methods of worship (but will be if the current mis-administration gets its way). Therefore my lonely task is to appease their spirits and correct mis-alignments of power-leys and such bibble-babble.

Unfortunately, I have only three members in my grove, due to graduation; and maintaining the RDNA unofficial homepage and e-mail activities take up the bulk of my Druid-alloted time, so my services are haphazardly scheduled at best.

My name is Mike, I can be reached at so give me a tingle.

Pocket President

It is said that the president is in the pocket of special interests.

Well, of course he is!

Now he can be in yours too!

Get your own pocket president.

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