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Bardic Contest Six
Nov 2006 to May 2007

Contest judge is Rules at bottom of page

Contestants & Salvo # Chart

Destara #1
Hedge Wizard #1
Zorak Zoran #1

The following entries are representative of the submitter's views.
They do not represent those of the web-master, the RDNA or anyone else, not even the composer, perhaps.

Bardic Salvo #1, January 1st


The Quest

December 2006

Like a storm in the sky, I have come for you
Like the point of a blade, I have found you
Like a mist of fog, I will follow you
Like the stones in a wall I'll surround you
And come what may, I will never go away
For I am the Spirit of the Quest so true,
I am the Quest you were born to.

Like a bright rainbow, I will promise you
Like a flickering flame, I'll play for you
Like a morning dew, I'll wake you slow
Like the grass in spring, I will quickly grow
And come what may, I will never go away
For I am the Spirit of the Quest so true
I am the Quest you were born to.

Like a shining star, I will show the way
Like a bolt of fire, I'll defend you
Like the deep blue sea, I'll carry you away
Like the darkest cave, I will hide you
And come what may, I will never go away
For I am the Spirit of the Quest so true
I am the Quest you were born to.

Walk in Forest

Seeker walks in forest dark,
To find a grove built by lark,
Find the waters of life, do drink,
Quaff transforms, dedicant does think,
A vigil sat through night to see,
Rise a priest to the Mother be,
In all, the circle are we bound,
Neither end or start can be found,
For the Mother has made the law as such,
Her love for all is that much,
Hallowed grove of sacred oak,
To the fire a lone druid does stoke,
The gate to realm of the Tree,
You can find in the heart of thee,
Seeker walks in forest dark,
To find a grove built by lark,
And leaves this world with Mother's mark.


Hedgewizard 2006

On the Tigris and on the Euphrates. I see a triangle, smell fire, taste sulfur
The east is getting ready to explode into a fiery wasteland…Armageddon?
I don’t know but the strangeness, death dealers, on the ether waves are revolving

I see the night turn to night flashing in green the bombs went off from the north
Someone set the table with poisoned wine and blood soaked bread crumbs
I see a trap sprung on the west and someone pushed the button for wormwood

Wormwood that holy star of the cosmic night of sorrows and black light reversed
Wormwood the incomprehensible dealer of martyrdom and hellish times
And again a time of cold surrounds the earth where only a third survive to be plucked

By the bystanding angels of the universal God and his minions of sailors
Taylor’s of the world’s history and defenders of the faith and the green earth
Still come if you will I am here and ready with my small part of the rubble

There are night dreams coming to the kings of the east a warning from heaven
There will be signs to mighty to ignore, the lord of all is on his way from center
Awake you knights of the temple the call is being sounded hear the trumpets.

Who an I? I am the voice of a thousand confusions and a million lost souls
Who will never get the chance to screw up again cause nothing is there anymore
Somebody call Little Richard I need a shot of rhythm and blues. Get my caddy ready…

And as I disappear like Alice’s Cat in a dream someone may be dreaming tonight
All that’s left of me is drifting off to nervona or heaven or anywhere but here
And I dream of the clean ice cold winter with winds thundering around the globe.

Rules of the 2006-2007 Contest

Just because the Time of Sleep is approaching after Halloween, means that your creative urges have to go dormant! Last year's 5th Annual contest was a rocking success, and we hope for more this year

The RDNA will have our 6th Annual Wintry Bardic Contest from Nov 1st 2006 to May 1st 2007, on this conference. Anytime during that period, submit to me your poems, songs, SHORT epic sagas, free-verse, or SHORT stories to me at I will host them this year as the judge [That way, I'll have a better chance of winning, no?]

0. The words have to be your own, but you may parody or "filk" an existing
work, as long as you credit the original author.
1. Topic is something you feel is "Druidic"
2. Anyone can enter who would like to follow the rules.
3. Length can be anything from 10 words to 3 pages.
4. Poems, songs and very-short-stories are acceptable.
5. Try to be reasonably decent in contents.
6. Limit 40 entries per person.
7. Collaborations of multiple individuals is acceptable.
8. Entries from previous contests will not be accepted.
9. All contents should be clearly labeled copyright or public domain. General date of composition is requested.
10. All entries may be republished in a future edition of ARDA.
11. There is no compensation.
12. A handful of entries will be released piecemeal every 2 or 3 weeks on this web-page and will be announced on RDNAtalk and by a general mailing. An entry might be delayed in release to pair it with a similar themed entry at a later date.
13. Winner will be announced around May 1st, 2007 and will bear the honor of "Big Bard" from May 2007 to May 2008.
14. A complicated mixture of voting rules will abe used. Previous bardic winners get 5 votes each round, Mike gets 7 as a judge, everyone else gets 3 votes per round on RDNAtalk conference. Unused votes are lost after each round and do not "rollover". Votes may be split across multiple entries. Each round will winnow out the number of entries. It will take about 5 or 6 rounds (about 2 weeks) to conclude. (Is that confusing enough?)

To see previous bardic contest entries go to: 2001-2002 Winter 2002-2003 Winter 2004-2005 Winter 2005-2006 Winter