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Bardic Contest III
Nov 2003 to May 2004

Contest collector is emdh at

Contest final judge will be theevilsmiley at Rules at bottom of page

Contestants & Salvo # Chart

Anonymous #1

The following entries are representative of the submitter's views.
They do not represent those of the web-master, the RDNA or anyone else, not even the composer, perhaps.

Bardic Salvo #1, Nov 1st



Rules of the Contest

Send them to me, Em, at emdh at


1. Poems, songs, chants, short stories are accepted. About 2 or 3 will be published at every 2 weeks starting November 1st until May 1st (inclusive).
2. We are not responsible for lost compositions or your local weather.
3. We do not recompense the author, and the top three selections (chosen at then end by me and a dart board) will only receive slim praise and a metaphoric warm pat-on-the-back.
4. The words must be your own, but paraphrasing and spoofing is fine.
5. You may borrow pre-existing tunes (i.e. "filk" them) or send original music files with a simple tune (no vocals, perhaps, to save space) plunking out the melody.
6. All submissions are assumed to be without copyright and internet published as Book of Songs and Poetry without profit to anyone, unless the poster indicates otherwise.
7. Overtly rascist, sexist, genderist, and other nasty stuff will be nixed, but if you'e clever enough to do so subvertly, congratulations.
8. No bribes under $1000 will be accepted. We must have our principles.
9. Non-seasonal topics are accepted (you can write summer poems for December) and this is no preferred bias for humor or depressive tones.
10. There is no #10.