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Founded 1966 c.e.
Updated 2006 c.e.

Welcome to the largest known archival collection of materials on the modern Druid movements in America. This page will help researchers and academics, better use the resources of the archives. The Druid Archive's primary purpose is to collect materials related to the RDNA (which began in 1963 at Carleton College) and materials related to groups descended from it; such as ADF, Keltria and many others.

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Various Deatiled Archival Indexes and Material Downloads
RDNA materials
The foundation of modern Druidism. Over 43 years of a single grove's history and materials from other groves. Updated 2006
Materials from other groups:

ADF, Keltria, OBOD, Clan Dalriada, Council of British Druids, L'ecole Druidique, Druidactos, GSO and many other organizations....

RDNA Books

In 1996, A Reformed Druid Anthology was first published, which was a combination of two older publications of 1976, and a smattering of newer updates, at the time it was the largest publication by a Druid organization in the world at 500 pages. In 2004, ARDA 2 was published at 2600 pages in three volumes to include more material dredged up in research, including 25 years of newsletters. Printed copies are not available, but the dozens of files are free and available in ready-to-print format at the ARDA Download Site.

Older Reformed Druid Publications

In 1976, two versions of collections were in planning, the Berkeley Grove produced Druid Chronicles Evolved (DCE) and Carleton Grove was working on the Carleton Druid Collection (CDC).

Druid Chronicles, 1976
Intro Packet dce1.pdf 12 pgs, 1200kb
File 2 dce2.pdf 92 pgs, 3600kb
File 3 dce3.pdf 98 pgs, 6800kb

Carleton Druid Collection 2004, but as if 1976.
cdc.pdf 130 pgs, 2432kb


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2003 2part11-4a.doc
2004 2part12through14.doc
Pagan & Druid books

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